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Harvey Weinstein Sentenced to Prison for 23 years

Bad news for Harvey. The convicted rapist was just sentenced early this morning for 23 years. The Supreme Court judge James Burke also sentenced an extending 5 more years of probation for the awful various sex crimes he was founded guilt of last month. Around February 24th, Weinstein was convicted of committing a Criminal Sexual Act in the first and third-degree rape. The penalty is a big blow and Weinstein is 67 years old and is serving 23 years and will be leaving as a nonagenarian meaning he will be in his 90’s as he takes all 23 years in prison. According to his team, they have vowed to appeal the judge's decisions trying to maintain his innocence. Judge Burke has also informed that Weinstein will now be registered as a sex offender. According to other news, he is still facing other counts of sexual assault, rape, and inappropriateness in LA.


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