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Half of the FDNY say they will refuse the coming Vaccine.

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New York City - The FDNY will be amongst the first organizations to receive access to the newly approved Covid-19 vaccinations. Covid-19 vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna will be mass supplied in the next few weeks and will be available.

This information was gathered from a poll taken by the Firefighters of the FDNY over three days. Over two-thousand (2000) Fire Fighters were surveyed and fifty-five percent (55%) of the Fire Fighters of the FDNY say that they will refuse to be vaccinated.

The reasons why come from a lack of credible information about the vaccine itself. Some Firefighters feel that they are not "at risk" and have antibodies that keep them safe.

Two percent (2%) of the firefighters are sick. That is 200 firefighters dealing with Covid-19 at the at this current point in time. Andrew Ansbro, the President of the Uniformed Firefighters Association is encouraging all of Firefighters to get the vaccine. The Vaccine will be stored at Randal's Island. The officers will also be encouraged to get the vaccine while off duty so as not to contaminate the Firehouse and on duty officers.

FDNY officials say that whether they accept or refuse the vaccine it will not stop or hinder operations.

All in all I respect the freedom of choice that is being exercised by the FDNY's Union in this situation. Blessings that they stay healthy and safe this Holiday Season and into the coming new year.



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