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George Floyd. Let us Speak Up for Him

Updated: May 28, 2020

George Floyd is an African American man. His life was taken away by a police officer. In the next few weeks court proceedings will start. We will watch on TV as the horror story unfolds. We will be triggered. We will hug our children, appreciate the Black men in our lives and hope for something better. I would like to start the discussion to work toward something better.

George Floyd is the newest name to the list of lost lives due to Police brutality and misconduct. I appeal to the Music artists in the community of Minnesota and the whole United States in my plea. As we know that when something like this happens that we have protests and Court trials. The Media will choke us with sensationalism and then distract us. This is not the lasting change that we need to move forward in this country that we are born into.

I ask every music artist to vocalize your discontentment with the death of George Floyd. I ask the Black Community and the entire Minority and working class community to vocalize their discontentment. The working class range from the poor to the slightly wealthy upper middle class. We as a community need to make sure that whenever a crime is committed we have a legal team to defend the rights of the deceased and pursue criminal and civil justice on behalf of the family. The long term fight; for which I am reaching out to all people is to pursue the changing of the laws that protects the police officers from the legal repercussions of their crimes. A police officer is allowed to kill in the line of duty. I ask the Police, the judicial system and the Government what is the justification of this murder. What happened when George Floyd surrendered and just asked for air until he died in front of the world? Do you really ask us to believe that this was in the line of duty? We need to be able to fight every injustice as it is inflicted upon us.

We have to change the laws that give unlimited protection to the Police when taking a life. Sadistic and abusive misuse of that right should be revoked with trial and the officer faces the penalties of jail and/or the death penalty. We have to demand this as a people. Protesters are being shot at with tear gas and “non-lethal” projectiles but that can change with one legal mandate. For better or worse we have to see that the Police are to enforce our laws. The laws are to govern the people and the people have to do their part to fight the laws that are unjust to the people. My artists, Diamond album or underground please support the family of George Floyd. Send a donation to help pay for the legal fees to enable his Family to get Justice. Please raise your voice and let the world know that you stand with your fellow man whether that is a worker or rich, we are your fans. Speak when we cannot.



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