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Funny Marco Gets Disrespected On His Show By G Herbo and Producer Southside


In the ever-evolving world of entertainment, conflicts, and controversies sometimes arise, providing entertainment not only for viewers but also for those involved. One recent incident on Marco's show proved this to be true when renowned rapper G Herb and renowned producer Southside appeared as guests on the show. What was initially anticipated to be a lighthearted and entertaining episode soon turned into a humorous clash that left viewers both shocked and not so amused.

The Unexpected Exchange:

As the episode began, Marco, known for his quick wit and comedic timing, Had us over at Lavish Life Magazine wondering if Funny Marco finally meeting his match. But as we continue to watch G Herbo calls funny Marco Ugly and tells him to shut the F**k Up followed by a cup thrown in his face smh, this wasn't what fans expected. However, as the conversation unfolded, it became clear that tensions were running high as G Herb and Southside continued to downplay Marco, skilled at diffusing tense situations, attempted to steer the conversation in a lighter direction, but his efforts were continually met with sarcastic remarks and jabs between the two guests.

The Battle of Wits:

As the episode continued, it turned into a battle of wits that had viewers in stitches. G Herbo, known for his sharp tongue, engaged in a playful yet competitive banter with Southside, showcasing his quick comebacks and comedic timing. Despite the occasional jabs, it was evident that both guests were enjoying the spirited exchange, and the audience couldn't help but be entertained by their lively personalities and comedic retorts.

Marco's Reaction:

Throughout the episode, Marco finds himself caught in the crossfire and struggling to maintain control. However, true to his nature, Marco adeptly utilized his comedic skills, injecting humor into the situation and diffusing tension whenever possible. His ability to think on his feet and provide quick-witted responses impressed both guests, eliciting laughter from the audience.


In the end, what began as a potentially confrontational episode of Marco's show turned into a comedic spectacle for views and numbers that is. G Herbo and Southside's playful banter provided a refreshing break from the typical interview format, we are use to seeing with Marco, despite being caught in the middle,he managed to hold his own amidst the so called comedic chaos. This unexpected clash left viewers unhappy with G herbo and Southside.This interview is a reminder to us all. That even in the world of entertainment, a good sense of humor can turn any situation into an entertaining spectacle. Which in this case funny Marco wasn't laughing.



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