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Frederick Douglass Monument: The Retaliation of Demanding Justice

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

A Statue of the Abolitionist Frederick Douglass was ripped from its base in Rochester, New York. Over the past few weeks, one of the demands that have come about from the protesting is a call for the removal of monuments of confederate figures. In the wake of that demand, we lost an African American monument on the anniversary of the greatest speeches that the scholar and former slave ever gave.

This act of vandalism was committed on July 5th. This date being the anniversary of Frederick Douglass’s most powerful speech called; “What to the Slave is the Fourth (4th) of July,” He gave this speech on July 5th, 1852 in Rochester New York condemning the celebration of the Holiday if it is not a Holiday for all those who live upon this land.

The Statue was ripped from its foundation at Maplewood Park. The Statue was found 50 feet from its pedestal, at the Genesee River. The damage to the statue is at the base and a finger. Due to the damage at the base, the statue cannot be repaired to stand again.

No arrests have been made and President Trump sent out a “tweet” that blamed “anarchists” for the incident. No information has been given as to how it was done at this time.

Calvin Eison and those in charge of the project that brought the monument to the park state that they will rebuild the statue. We must remember that as we fight and stand against Systematic White Oppression so the system will stand against us and commence to counter-attacking the things and people that we hold dear. Frederick Douglass boldly stated in a speech that this day for your celebration is a day for shame for my people for it truly reminds us of the oppression that we endure at your hands. How much has changed in all of this time?



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