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Dr. Dre Suffers an Aneurysm

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

Los Angeles, CA - Rap Producer, Dre was taken into Cedars-Mount Sinai Medical with a Brain Aneurysm. On Monday he had to be rushed by ambulance for immediate care.

The great Rap Producer started as a member of NWA, he discovered the Rappers, Snoop Dog and Eminem and has produced some of Raps most iconic tracks for well over 20 years. He also expanded in business with the "Beats by Dre line that he sold to Apple in 2014.

The most recent news about Dr. Dre before his hospitalization was the news of divorce from the wife and Mother of child, Nicole Young. Nicole Young was contesting their Prenuptial Agreement and requesting 2 million per Month. TMZ reported that he was to appear at Court this passed Wednesday which pending his current health he will not be able to appear.

Amidst all of this Dr. Dre took to twitter where he thanked his Family, friends and fans for their love and support on Tuesday.

The Doctors will run a battery of tests to see what is caused the bleeding. He is well and in recovery. Possibly the stress of World events and his own private is the catalyst for the unfortunate condition. The life of music mogul is not personal and it is stressful to be under the public eye. We all need private time to detox stress and strain. Rich or poor, famous or humble. We here at Lavish Life Magazine wish him Blessings and a speedy recovery in his healing process.

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