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Dissention of White Power from the Government

Washington, D.C. - January 6th, 2021. Thousands of protestors attacked Capitol hill. We have lived through so much of History in 2020 and 2021 proves to be just as exciting and terrifying. A rally to support Donald Trump turned deadly when the attendees decided to storm the Capitol. The "Save America" rally or protest if they were people of color, started at Ellipse Park. Trump incited his supporters to March to Capitol Hill. The rally started at Midday and the attendees attacked Capitol Hill as Congress was having a meeting to certify Joe Biden as the 46th President of America.

The Rally attendees did gain entry to Capitol Hill. They looted offices. Forced the Congress members into lockdown and shutdown Government activities. The mob waved Confederate flags and preached their belief that Trump had won the election.

Lawmakers had to take gas masks from under their seats as tear gas was released into the building against the rioters. A woman was shot in a stand off between the protestors and the Authorities.

Politician had to reach out to trump to tell the mob to pull back and leave the premises. Trump was shown on a Twitter video instructing the protestors to go home. A video of Trump and his team in a safe location while "Gloria" is playing in the background is circulating over the internet which Makes Trump look like more than a megalomaniac opportunist but also a strategist and leader of the Mob.

The scaling of the walls and the attack on this Nation's Capitol lasted for hours as the world watched on TV and Social Media. Senators returned to congressional work after 8PM but the site was not considered safe until 8AM the next day. 12 hours later.

What is fear is not the internal affairs. We just showed the world that we were not strong or united. That has been the source of the corrupted power that is the United States of America. For the first time ever the Capitol was breached by a terrorist organization. The Confederate Flag gained the power of the country, even if it were but a few moments that is all that is needed. We need not worry as the Proud Boys, KKK, Alt-Right and Deep State are all Brother's and Sister's. It is the oppressed and enemy countries that we have conquered, destroyed and pushed political agendas on in the name of Democracy. Didn't Trump pull troops out of the Middle East and break promises we made for military aid to keep peace? Didn't we push to give more power to Israel with Trump at the helm of this Country. Now that we have shown how we cannot handle domestic terrorism now let's worry about Foreign Terrorism. Look in the skies for the missile. Be vigilant of the suicide bomber. Beware that if America does not change it's course. If it becomes weak enough to be attacked. Our enemies will not hesitate to retaliation for our crimes in the Middle East and the Far East. Blessings to all of you and Be Safe.



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