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Director Jordan Peele reveals new “ CandyMan” trailer

Jordan Peele is a talented director who specializes in horror and comedy films. His best and successful movies include “Get Out” and “US”. Now he is back to revamp a 1992 classic “CandyMan”. Peele is a co-writer and producer of the highly anticipated reboot. Fans can look forward to seeing the trailer of the upcoming film this Thursday, February 27th. This film is all for horror fans. Jordan and his Monkey paw production group, refer to the film as a “spiritual sequel.” 2. Jordan is bringing this classic horror film back so people won’t forget. It’s going to be exciting for people who have never seen the film and for people that have seen it. This film will fit right into the other films that he has had success in. It’s a lucky day for all the horror fans. The film will be set to be released in June 2020. It's going to be one scary summer to enjoy.


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