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Did Adam from No Jumper Turn His Back on Crip Mac By Saying This?

Did Adam from No Jumper Turn His Back on Crip Mac By Saying This? In the latest No Jumper, on The Adam & Wack Show #18. Adam22 made some controversial remarks that have ignited discussions amongst fans and critics. Some argue that his comments seemingly betrayed Crip Mac, Before we get into Adams's Statements let's take a look at who is Crip Mac, a prominent figure in the gang community, who has gained attention for his influential presence and candid storytelling. Explore the background and impact of this intriguing individual making waves within his community and in the YouTube and Social Media World. In a most recent incident Tuesday (Dec. 5th to exact, Crip Mac was arrested on federal Gun Charges and booked in LA County Court. This arrest came moments after an LA County judge agreed to drop prior gun charges against Crip Mac for being a felon in possession of a firearm. Now here is how the Judge set Crip Mac up. Right after the judge dropped the charges which is the State. Crip Mac aka Trevor Hurd” was arrested by US Marshals who then informed him that his case had been picked up by the US Attorney’s office where he would face the gun charges in federal court. Man talk about up shit creek. So let's get back to Adam22 the owner of No Jumper. When asked by Wack 100 to Adam22 are going to his Court date to speak on his behalf? This is where it took me for a loop and my mouth dropped when Adam said this have a listen.

What do you guys think did Adam22 just turn his back on someone who has been a frequent face on the no-jumper platform? He was seen about to squabble one time for Adam22. He was on I think one of Adams's shows that he has with his wife. Call “ Who Wants to Bone My Wife” No that title is Crazy. I’m Come on Adam where is the support for the Brother! What do you guys think? Did Adam22 turn his Back on Crip Mac? Leave your thoughts in the comments sections. And let’s get those likes up so I can get into the YouTube algorithm, so we can continue to give you play-by-play with these hot topics. I’m GHOST!! #adam22 #cripmac



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