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Controlling the Population through promises.

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Opinion - We as American's are a population under deep control by our government. Whether this be through our entertainment and media, the policies that allow are rights to change to fit an agenda but most of all and specifically promises sent to us by your Government through the media in order to keep us complacent.

2020 will be looked at in the future as the one point in history where we could have changed our Government for the better. Fought for and won more freedom against systematic oppression and fought to have enforcement on the laws that bring justice for and to the people. The procedures of containing the corona virus and dealing with it was to provide the illusion that our Government was on top of this pandemic when in fact they let the pandemic run it's course and protected the economy and power structure to contain any time of revolution. The promise. We will have a vaccine. The effect, just suffer through this issue and suffer the hopelessness.

The loss of small business destroys communities that cannot afford to pay the pricing associated with Corporate large business chains. This leads to less money in the community. Because a store is in your neighborhood it does not mean that the workers are from your community. So the money that you spend leaves the community. So we get a promise of complacency by waiting for "additional relief" via stimulus checks and unemployment benefits. Small businesses apply for loans and hope that they can push through the challenges in the weeks and Months ahead. The promise, you will get money if you just be still and hold on to this way of injustice.

Never in our history was crime and injustice committed against us by our Government, President, Police and Corporate powers and we, as a people, followed the status quo and did nothing to change things. Black Lives Matter is being exposed for having millions in donations and giving nothing to those advocates on the ground level, proving that it is a false prophet. Our neighbors ignore one another and live on the Social Media. We did nothing but the standard system of protesting and going home. I have a question? If you believe that America does not need to be burned by but adjusted, addressed and have justice implemented what have you done on your level in your life with other people, business, co-workers and yourself in general to make things better and to get through these times. And my same question goes out to the revolutionaries: If you believe that the world has to be burned down! What have you burned? Who have you fought? What have you done for the change and destruction of Government Corruption, Systematic Oppression and injustice of the people?

Please! We are promised money and medicine in exchange for our conformity and inaction. It is cowardly and inhumane not to fight for justice and better for our people as the cost of our lives. Accept nothing without the freedom to choose it. Bribery is just as powerful as slavery.

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Mona'e the Writer
Mona'e the Writer
23 de dez. de 2020

This is a great article 🙏🏾



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