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Celebrating Black History Month Harlem fashion row and Barbie showcase three black fashion designers

Closing out of Black History Month, a Barbie Doll was always known as a staple in almost all of our lives. It was a great thing to see that Harlem Fashion Row and Barbie had partnered up to launch doll-sized replicas of the designs from renowned Black fashion creatives.

The Collaboration puts a spotlight on The Black Designers: Hanifa, Rich Fresh, and Kimberly Goldson, these black creators made the Barbie brand one of the most diverse doll companies in the world. HFR made the announcement and showed pics of the dolls wearing the fabulous looks for the season on social media with a caption that reads:

HFR’s mission from the very start (15 years ago), has been to introduce and support multicultural designers. We are SO thrilled to partner with brands like @barbiestyle who believe in our mission. “I’m excited that Harlem’s Fashion Row gets to play a part in widely diversifying their style too. With this Black History Month collaboration, Black designers Hanifa, Rich Fresh, and Kimberly Goldson give Barbie fresh-off-the-runway appeal with their unique style aesthetics.” Says HFR’s CEO Brandice Daniel.

These one-of-a-kind designer dolls will be auctioned to benefit @HarlemsFashionRow’s non-profit organization #ICON360. The non-profit will provide financial resources and professional development to all Black designers and HBCU fashion programs. For more info visit



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