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Ceaser Emanuel From Black Ink Crew Turns Himself In Due To Animal Cruelty Charges

From Black Ink Crew, Ceaser Emanuel the creator has recently turned himself into the police due to animal cruelty charges. This transpired after a video of him abusing a dog went viral a couple of weeks ago.

A spokesperson from the City of South Fulton PD in Georgia told TMZ that Ceaser turned himself in. The records show that he will face two misdemeanor charges of animal cruelty and one felony charge of aggravated cruelty to animals.

Ceaser was fired from ‘Black Ink Crew’ quickly after the video was circling the blogs. The sensitive video shows him beating a dog with a metal chair. His attorney say's the video was recorded during Covid lockdown and was most likely leaked by an ex-girlfriend of his who wanted revenge.

Authorities have yet to confirm if the charges are in correlation with the abuse video. Still, we know there’s a team of investigators from South Fulton who are looking into the incident.

Surely enough, whether it was leaked or not, there is no reason or excuse to abuse any animal. Ceaser puts out that the video doesn’t show his authentic self stating he was only trying to break up a fight between his animals.

Since the video surfaced, he claims to no longer own one of his dogs, saying the dog was given to a friend of his.

In June his rep responded stating, "Although his actions were not appropriate at all, Ceaser is sincerely apologetic and feels extremely bad. He is dealing with death threats which is causing him fear and depression. His only goal was to build an empire to help build jobs and bring the black community in the tattoo industry successful given that the community is limited there."



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