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Cash Gotti talks Roddy Ricch collaboration and Hip Hop on Dorchester

With the momentum build from his "Lips Closed" single featuring Roddy Ricch Cash Gotti has found now as the perfect time to push the envelope with his grind. The Dorchester native has announced plans to launch a new tape this year which is highly anticipated in his city. I sat down to kick it with Cash Gotti about Hip Hop in Dorchester and what it would mean to put the city on the map. Check it out.

Roddy Ricch is one of the hottest artists in the game right now, talk to us about the collaboration on "Lips Closed" and how it came about?

The collaboration with Roddy Rich came along because he came out to my city, Boston back in like October 2018. We linked through a mutual friend. We got up at the studio, the vibe was great and while kicking it I actually learned a few things from him. We dropped the single on Halloween like two weeks before he dropped, "Antisocial".

The song comes across as very transparent, you give us some insight on the good and bad times that life dish out - was that done purposefully?

Cash Gotti: Yeah It actually was done on purpose. I wanted to give you the vibe of how my city feels. Around the wintertime, it's cold. I wanted to capture the side of the city that you don't see online. Or the side they don't publicize.

Do you ever feel like Boston is overlooked from so many angles, be it music or even the story of what life is like in Boston.

Cash Gotti: Yes, I feel like Boston is an underdog city. At least the inner city is very overlooked. People know the sports team, but you don't hear about the violence and inner-city workings. Or the side of the city that they're not dishing money out to. And of course, the music scene because it was never a big artist who was internationally known, aside from Benzino that put the city on. Nowadays there isn't anyone to open the door or help to make the other side of the city flourish. There isn't that major platform that other cities have. When I think about it though, I'm going to be that change. Dorchester got the best artist in the whole state!

Anyone who has been around knowing it's not a cakewalk. For those who are oblivious tell us about

Dorchester, MA :

Cash Gotti: Well Dorchester is a different type of place. It's boroughs in Boston. It's violence all over, a melting pot of people. Caribbeans, West Indians, Asians, Capeverdeans, etc. A bunch of different cultures, that all live around each other. All in a small place. There's good and bad. But there are sports and community centers. I feel like it's the most dangerous part of Boston. It's so many side streets, beefing with other streets. It can be just 5 boys on one street and 5 boys 2 streets over, and they beefing with each other!

You are from Fields Corner correct ? has there ever been anyone to make it from Fields Corner? if not- to be the first what would that mean to you?

Cash Gotti: It depends on what you mean by making it. The biggest artist from Fields Corner right now is Cousin Stiz. I feel like no one is the official "Meek Mill" of Boston. But being the first guy that actually makes it from Fields Corner, I feel like it would make a lot of sense. I'm still heavily connected to my city. When I go back, I will go to the hood and pay my respects; a lot of people don't do stuff like that. I feel like a lot of people would be proud and the city would hold me down.

Your music has a lot of melody in it which is dope considering the temperature in music today. What is your recording process like?

Cash Gotti: I'm very unorthodox, sometimes I'll write. Sometimes I'll just go in and freestyle. If I'm trying to create a song that's really in-depth and paint a picture so that you feel it, I'm going to write it. If I'm just in the studio catching a vibe I might just jump in the booth and start saying whatever comes to my mind. When I was recording for "They Know" I was free-styling on most of it. I had the gist of the song, laid that down. Switched up something until it was finished. I feel like it came out a HIT!

How do you go about selecting the producers you work with - how much does chemistry matter?

Cash Gotti: Chemistry matters a lot. I've been in studios with big producers from labels and it was forced so the vibe was not right. But then I have been in an in-house studio where we making hits. If I'm not really feeling you as a person, I may not want to go crazy on the beat. But if the beat fire, then I'm going to go HAM. I don't care if it's him and his mom, I'm going to go crazy on a beat.

What are your plans for 2020? Can we look forward to a body of work?

Cash Gotti: Everything Dirty is the project set to release in the next 45 days. We definitely taking it there this year. Bigger platforms. I have a visual for almost every record on the project. More shows, and definitely want to do a successful festival run.

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