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Casanova facing a life sentence in Prison for alleged Racketeering, Drug charges and more

On December 1st, New York rapper Casanova was one of the 18 men hit with a RICO charge and more.

The men who were linked up with Casanova are allegedly members of the ‘Untouchable Gorilla Stone Nation’ gang.

The charges all link together that includes a murder of an 15 year old, drug trafficking, money fraud and other things. According to some reports, the Roc Nation rapper is expected to face a life sentence with the minimum of 10 years if convicted.

The FBI New York’s assistant director released a full statement in regards to the indictment, stating that “Gorilla Stone is actually not ‘untouchable.”

The feds state that only 17 out of 18 men are in custody as of right now. Casanova, born as Caswell Senior, is still not in custody and is a fugitive according to the FBI.

They took to Twitter to further their search. FBI stated, “We are still looking for Caswell Senior, aka Casanova, in connection with this case. He has connections to both NY and NJ. If you have information about his whereabouts, please call us at 1-800-CALL-FBI.”



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