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Cardi B promotes new single ‘Up’

Since 2021, new music has been a little quiet coming from our favorite artists and Cardi B has also been quiet ever since the release of “WAP”.

Now that it seems that has quiet down, Cardi B went to social media and announced her new single, letting us see the cover art for “Up.”

The new song will be released on Friday, as she announced, “My new single “UP” drops this Friday! LETS GOOOOOO!”. Following this great announcement, she updates everyone on her life and also follows with i thank you. “I want to thank all my fans and everyone that genuinely support me,” Cardi wrote. “I been preparing for this week for over a month.Unfortunately I’m not feeling how I wanted to feel today .I’m very happy that you guys are happy and just know I do this cause ya go so hard for me .”

She added, “I’m human and I believe that I’m strong but it’s just too much sometimes .I can’t thank my fans enough for lifting me up and remaining solid it really be too much.”

Get ready everyone for the return of Cardi B this Friday.

Here's the audio link to her new single 'UP'



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