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Cancel Culture is primary aimed at Black People in Music.

Opinion - I am not a fan of the "cancel culture". I am not supporter of this cultural movement because I feel that it is Primarily aimed at Black People when dealing with scandal and those responsible in the Music Community.

I want to tell a small story about a man named Obit Phil Spector. Spector was a Caucasian Music Producer who elevated the Rock'n'Roll ere with the "Wall of Sound" style of music as well as pioneering productions from the Beetles to Tina Turner. He was also a very dangerous man who was known to pull out guns on artists and convicted of Murder in 2003. He killed Actress Lana Clarkson and died this past Saturday in jail. I was reading his article written by Jonathan Landrum Jr. on Yahoo News. While reading the story all I could think of is "why isn't he being asked to be canceled?" Why is this Murderer not held to the same level of shame and malice for his crimes, such as Michael Jackson or R. Kelly.

R. Kelly was hit by the famous "cancel culture" after Lifetime Television played a documentary of his crimes. He is also serving jail time for his crimes. He was charged with child pornography, kidnapping and up to 18 other federal charges. R. Kelly has been in jail since July 19th, 2019. R. Kelly's music has continually been asked to be removed and even his awards striped from the music that he made.

R. Kelly and Phil Spector are musical geniuses that possess dark demons and committed horrendous acts. But Spector's article is a sad epitaph with the writer and famous artists on the fence as to whether to remember his music or vilify him. While R. Kelly was a one side media show that highlighted cancel culture and weaponized it to push the agenda against R. Kelly. Spector was never subject to a cancel culture for the act of murder. Elvis Presley was never subject to a cancel culture nor any rock star for sex with underage fans to this day. Elvis just married his fan. It is no the severity of the crimes but the unfairness in how Black singer and musicians are punished as opposed to White musicians and artists.

We have to acknowledge that we are manipulated into choosing to execute our own people who do misdeeds with no thought of mercy yet we are kept out of the conversation as to what happens to their people. We must stop sacrificing our people to the Media and White mainstream society. We must demand that a respect must be given by Black people who contribute art and innovation in music and in other area's as well. A murderer can be in a article and that article can sound sad ask for understanding. If I wrote a article saying to stop the condemnation of R. Kelly I would be vilified as helping him simply because be he and I bear the same race. But that is the very notion that is protecting the life of Spector and vilifying the life of R. Kelly. Justice should be equal and not weaponized to push agenda's. Push back on this so called "Cancel Culture" It is a veiled way of asking our people to sacrifice our own people, acknowledge that are without redemption and not to be valued as people when we fall short of good. Beware. We never get to cancel their cultural icons. At all!



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