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Bobby Shmurda is finally released after six years of prison

Bobby Shmurda is finally, officially a free man and everyone is hype about it.

Following his recent release, fans are already on it and have been going on about it. A tweet by @Saint said, “ #WELCOMEHOMEBOBBY ❤️”.

Early this Tuesday morning, Bobby was released from the Clinton Correctional Facility in New York. The release was roughly 10 months earlier than expected.

After being passed by former President Trump’s pardons, he was confirmed this month to have been eligible for a conditional release.

This means that the remainder of his sentence will be under community supervision. His supervision will be continued until the max expiration date of February 23, 2026.

Fans are excited and could not wait for this to happen. It’s literally being blasted all over social media like a holiday.

All we have to say is Welcome Home Bobby!


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