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Bobby Shmurda has been denied parole, Release from prison expected 2021

2020 is coming to an end and so far it was going good once Bobby got released from prison, well we were wrong.

Turns out the rapper was denied recently for parole after reports of an anticipated release before the year went out. Now the anticipation is gone.

According to TMZ, Bobby Shmurda was denied parole following his interview with the prison Board recently. When sources asked for the reason for his denial, not one reason could be brought up by law enforcement.

The only conclusion was the extended time for his sentence to continue to be behind bars until his sentence is over, which will be December 11,2021. TMZ reports that law enforcement is certain of this due to his history since the beginning of December 2014 prison stint.

Shmurda has racked up a number of violations including having a shank , drug possession, and fighting. With this type of history lingering, it’s pretty tough to convince the board of one’s good behavior.

While hip hop fans were waiting for him to finally be released and come back in the booth, they will have to wait another year. According to his mother, soon as possible upon his release, he will be dropping new music and also a documentary.



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