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Answers and Justice for Jam Master J. 20 Years Later.

One of Rap Music’s Icons has justice and his fans have answers. For over 20 Years we have wanted to know the why Jam Master Jay of RunDMC was murdered and by whom?

The world was given an answer on August 17th 2020. The Media is reporting that Jam Master J was shot in a drug deal gone wrong. On October 30th, 2002 Jason William Mizell also known as Jam Master J was shot and killed in Jamaica Queens at his Music Studio.

The Prosecutors and investigators linked the murder to a narcotics deal gone wrong. Jam Master J came into 10 kilograms of Cocaine. This was supposed to by trafficked and distributed in Maryland by two men, Ronald Washington and Karl Jordan Jr.

Jam Master J decided not to continue the deal. He no longer wanted any involvement in the deal and in retaliation the two men came to his studio and murdered him. Jordan fired two shots that hit the head and leg of Jam Master Jay. Both men have been charged with Murder while Narcotics Trafficking and Fire Arms Related Murder. They face 20 years of prison and possibly the Death Penalty for the crime.

As I write these words I want to believe that Jam Master Jay did the right thing. He said “no” to the money. And with dignity faced his killers and looked them in the eye. I am not proud of the drugs or the link to drug dealing. But I will not forget his legacy. I will respect his legacy and the remaining members of Run DMC who are still alive. For their music and his contributions I will always be “Down with Kings”!

Article from Live 89FM on August 17th and the Associated Press.



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