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Amazon to Release Award-Winning Film “The Elevator”by Mukesh Modi stars Oscar Nominee Eric Roberts

From its star-studded cast to the award-winning storyline and rollercoaster ride of drama and

suspense, “The Elevator” has been at the forefront of global headline news and now set to

release via Amazon on November 18th.Starring Eric Roberts and Eugenia Kuzmina, “The Elevator” takes audiences on an emotional journey when a seemingly exciting birthday weekend quickly evolves into one family’s biggest fear when their dad goes missing after stopping by the office that morning. Director & Filmmaker Mukesh Modi recently received the top three awards—Best Film, Best Actor & Best Director—at the TCL Chinese Theatres in Hollywood, CA, for this true story that captivated him enough to create a movie depicting this incredible, nail-biting dramatic family film.

Directors & All-Star Cast

Story & Produced by Mukesh Modi

Directed by Mukesh Modi & Jack Cook

Eric Roberts (Runaway Train, The Dark Night, The Expendables)

Eugenia Kuzmina (Bad Moms, The Gentleman, Spy City)

Matt Rife (Wild ‘N Out, Gamer’s Guide, The Private Eye)

Avery Ilardi (A Wilderness of Error, The Kindergarten Teacher, Perspective)

Avery Morris (The Haven Project)

Did You Know?

Based on TRUE events, Modi delivers an impactful message resonating life’s uncertainty, the

power of love and never giving up hope for an answer. Ironically enough, this deadly incident of

being stuck in an elevator actually happened on set to leading actor Eric Roberts, fellow cast

and film crew while they were shooting the movie.

Paying it Forward

Mukesh Modi believes in giving back by paying it forward in a chain of support, globally, through

film and service. Modi believes in the power of instilling positive messages through family film.

Utilizing film to propel important values about family and life as well as mentoring aspiring

filmmakers, Modi is committed to the greater good in all aspects of his profession.

“Even if you can help just one person, and the person who gets help will help others, this

will create a ‘CHAIN OF HELP’ and the whole world will become helpful to each other,”

says Modi.

Helping students to unfold their immeasurable capabilities will bring benefits for generations to

come, in making dreams come true. Modi has also directed and written the documentary called

“THE VISION” to inspire a sense of community to support those in need.

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