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A young black LGBTQ teenager was found hanging from a tree in Massachusetts

According to a recent report from CBSN in Boston, there was a 16-year-old LGBTQ teenager found hanging from a tree in a suburban area in Massachusetts and her parents claim that the police are keeping important information about her death and not telling them.

The young black LGBTQ teen, Mikayla Miller, was found hanging from a tree on April 18 behind the apartments where she lived in Hopkinton, Massachusetts. Mikayla’s mother went to social media claiming and vented that the police ignored the claims she made about specific children who alleged bullied, ambushed, and murdered her daughter.

It is now being thought about/alleged that Miller was “lynched” because she was Black, gay, or both. Mikayla was a student-athlete at Hopkinton High, which is mainly a predominately white school.

“The idea that we would be not investigating bullying or a murder, as the allegation, is just not true,” Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan said to members of the press. “To lose a child — and then to think that everything is not being done to find out what happened — is a terrible thing. We want to get the right answer for Mikayla.”

According to the DA, more information will be released at a vigil for Mikayla on Thursday, May 13 in Hopkinton, Massachusetts.



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