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6ix9ine is Back And Already Breaking Records By Surpassing Eminem’s YouTube Record Within 24 hours

6ix9ine just recently got out of prison and is already claiming why he is the King of New York. He has broken Eminem’s YouTube record with his new music video “GOOBA”. With many other incredible numbers, this just topped his return. He returned in major ways coming out with another banger on his 24th birthday. Many dislike him and others understand him when it comes to his snitching ways but his numbers can’t be denied. There is no doubt that he generated interest. With his latest achievement coming out of jail, “GOOBA” reached up to 43.55 million views in 24 hours when it was released. It is now standing at 130 million views. Before “GOOBA”, Eminem held the record with his audio for “Killshot”. The song was released in 2018 which was aimed at Machine Gun Kelly during their beef. 6ix9ine is now holding the world record for most views in 24 hours on a hip hop music video. His numbers prove it all and even if you don’t like him you cannot discredit his music because numbers don’t lie.



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