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6ix9ine goes dark on Social Media

If you want to know what is going on with 6ix9ine, Dj Akademiks has all the answers.

Once again, Akademiks has information on why rapper 6ix9ine goes dark on his social media. Dj Akademiks recently stated that federal authorities have taken 6ix9ine off of social media, unfortunately they snatched him off while he is preparing to support his upcoming album. Akademiks wrote, “Looks like they reported #6ix9ine account to the feds… he off social media indefinitely”.

There's always more to the story, however, TMZ reported that 6ix9ine is finishing up his home confinement and turned off his Instagram by recommendation of his lawyer. The belief was that 6ix9ine might have accidentally leaked his own information of his whereabouts and had to be moved quietly. Once he is set free, 6ix9ine states he will be back in New York City streets but will be having high security as he states “Like Trump” with all former law enforcement security guards.


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