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6ix9ine gets a $2.25 million lawsuit against him from Fashion Nova

Tekashi continuing to have legal problems seems to not be ending as Fashion Nova wants to sue him for not holding his end of their contract. Fashion Nova is suing rapper 6ix9ine because he was failing to promote the retail company. However, being locked up he was unable to do so. Fashion Nova gave 6ix9ine $225,000 advance for social media posts and a shout out on his DUMMY BOY project. As receiving this advance, he was later arrested two weeks after and didn’t hold the end of his bargain. Since his trial, he has tanked his image and fashion nova believes he is not a candidate for their product anymore and he is no longer a good look for being a brand ambassador. In the lawsuit, Fashion Nova stated that 6ix9ine promised he would pay back the advance, but that never happened. Now they’re seeking 2.25 million dollars. 6ix9ine is scheduled to be released on August 2, 2020.



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