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Brooklyn Born, L.I. Raised: Pusha Godsgift

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

This 25 year old super talent named Pusha Godsgift is a Brooklyn born, Long Island raised entertainer primed to make a huge splash on the Big Apple Hip Hop scene going into 2020. Honing his musical talents since the age of 9, he has used the therapeutic measures to balance out a tumultuous upbringing Marred by his forays into street life. “I’m father to a 6yr old boy . I had him when I was 19. Things were rough . I was battling with my parents, which led to me being in and out of the house with no stable place to stay. I made the decision to be in the streets, even when My parents tried they best to bring me in church.” Watching the drummer in church, Pusha one day set his sights on being the drummer. Visualizing his path, the self taught musician found inspiration in the notes sung by the choir and worked tirelessly to master his instrument and share his talent every Sunday. “after learning the drums, i taught myself how to sing. I was juggling music and the streets. I ended up Facing consequences, the hardest one life threatening. I decided at that moment that I had to make a change .” Choosing fatherhood and the opportunity to be a model that his son could look up to, Pusha began to apply himself to the effort of doing things right. “When I sing or rap I want you to feel that pain thru the music . I want you to understand where I’m coming from because there are so many people with the same story . I speak for them; I plan to stay focused and grind till I can’t mo more.


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