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Passing Of A Matriarch



Toni Morrison an educator, mother, and beloved member of the African American community passed away on August 5th in NYC at the age of 88. Her works spanning over six decades has been entranced in literature and scholarly activities not only in America but across the globe. A noble peace prize winner in literature ms. Morrison was a revolutionary as she also participated in the civil rights movement and also gender equality issues that affect society.

Her first book "The Bluest eye" Was published in 1970 to much rave reviews but her second book "Song Of Solomon" brought her national attention and garnered major waves of notoriety in the literature industry. Alongside book writing ms. Morrison also was an educator as she taught literature at Howard University in Washington D.C and also was the first black female editor in fiction at Random House one of the worlds largest paperback publishers in the world.

Among many of her accolades, she continued to be a strong voice for the African American community and also an influencer to many aspiring writers such as myself. Her Passing has saddened the world the literature but her works and writings will live forever on in our minds and souls.


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