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Building his Rawlife Entertainment Empire: Wayz Da Don

Talk to us about the transition from Queens, NY to ATL u made about a decade ago

I left Queens NY early and was raised in Palm Beach, Florida before relocating to Atlanta. I feel like it was right on time, once I got to Atlanta the energy in the city was live and welcoming. The venues down here cater to artist which was a benefit and kept me on my toes. There weren't too many opportunities in Palm Beach.

A lot of people feel like "Artist Development" is a lost art; talk to us about the benefit and growth you have experience undergoing that process

It was very beneficial because I thought I was going to jump in the booth and take off but I was wrong. My OG cousins Chamgod and DJ Van Wyck molded me into the artist that I am today. Working under them my writing and delivery got much better and my confidence was boosted. Artist development showed me that you can't take any shortcuts on the grind. You have to trust the process.

Your debut single, "Sushi" was a collaboration with Woody Kane. Talk to us about the record, and you guys' chemistry.

"Sushi" was a phrase I came up with to mean that I'm raw. Woody Kane told me we need to make it a record so everyone would know where we coming from. So we put it together. Our chemistry was instant even before collaborating on music. We both from South Florida and we shared the same hunger. Teaming up made the most sense.

You have spent some time in other parts of the south - do u agree with the notion that the south is more welcoming of new artists than fans in the North?

In my experience - yes. At that time we are talking 2005 Atlanta. It was a melting pot for up and coming artists especially a good look if you were from out of town. I feel like even to this day Atlanta is open arms to good artists. I've taken full advantage of the love and support.

Muscle Inc. Muzik is your imprint - who are some of the players involved on the business end and as artists

It started with about 6 of us but eventually that would dwindle down as me and Woody Kane would be the only ones going to get it. The brand transitioned and is now the foundation - Rawlife Entertainment. We are taking on the responsibility of handling business and getting it out the mud.

You have dropped a couple of projects under the Rawlife banner - how has the reception been?

We received a lot of love after dropping "The Raw Report" and "El Jefe El Fuego." We campaigned heavy through the DMV, Georgia, Alabama back home to South Florida, Dallas, Houston, Louisville and Louisiana. We built a lot of great relationships that still exist today.

You got on in the web series game early - how do u feel the genre has evolved over the past 5 years?

I think the genre is still evolving. I feel like it is a great avenue for up and coming actors / actresses. I look at it as another form of artist development as well but for actors and even directors. You can definitely strengthen you craft and take it to the next level.

How was the experience working on "Queen Pin”?

It was a dope. I never thought about acting until one of my best friends Cesar Munoz came to me with the idea. He sent me the script and I went to work from there. I played the role of a dirty detective "Barnes." It was one of my best experiences. Queen Pin is available on YouTube.

You have recently released "The Bosses Roundtable" a solo project. What can people expect from the project?

You can expect a breath of fresh air from this project. Well rounded, grown, bossy, and some sauce. This project puts my artistry on full display. I assure you will not be disappoint.

Not too many people have the confidence to jump on a Hov sample, did u receive any flack for "Feelin It"

You are correct confidence is a must and I got that. Also I wanted to pay homage to one of the greatest MCs ever by jumping on that track. I had no choice to deliver. I did get a few mixed reviews here and there but overall there was more love than anything. I feel like shooting the video in Los Angeles takes the track to a new level.

What does the rest of 2019 consist of for you Wayz Da Don?

New Music. I am always working. There will be another solo project as well as one from Raw Life. I will be in another web series "She Likes the Hustle" and there are a few other things coming up that I can't mention right now. Stay tuned to Wayz Da Don and Rawlife Entertainment...


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