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Insta-Fashion: Black Pyramid x Andrea Denver


Italian fashion model, Andrea Denver, has 1.2 million followers on Instagram @AndreaDenver3 which secured him a campaign for BMW in addition to the collaboration this article details. Andrea has modeled for Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, Brooks Brothers, and Abercrombie to name a few. Coveted amongst fashion’s elite, The model has been featured on the cover of Men’s Health, L’officiel Hommes, and Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” music video which received over two billion views.

Now the model’s fanbase can access his sense of fashion while bringing home a piece of him for themselves with the release of Andver Jewels. The jewelry collection is sexy but also unisex. It offers luxurious, yet minimalistic accessories made with the highest quality gold and diamonds. Designed by Andrea and equally as gorgeous, just like the model himself, the jewelry collection is sure to catch anyone’s eye. Each piece is fashionable for either a man or a woman and versatile enough to be coupled with jeans to elevate your everyday-wear but also able to be worn at fancy venue for a black .

Recently, Andrea Denver teamed up with Black Pyramid, a fashion brand owned by Chris Brown. He brought Andver Jewels to an exclusive photoshoot with Director of Photography, Cavier. The project came together with the help of social media. The model discovered painter and photographer on Instagram @cavierart and reached out.. The unlikely pair discussed Cavier’s contemporary art photography and the jewelry collection.

Cavier contacted Peter Paul, the Director of Brand Marketing for Maxima Apparel which encompasses Black Pyramid, Rich Star Brands, Prostandard, and much more. With 20+ years in the industry as former Creative Director for Tommy Hilfiger, Peter Paul immediately saw synergy and enlisted Cavier to customize a photoshoot highlighting Andver Jewels as the perfect compliment to the Black Pyramid most recent designs.

To check out the model join the rest of his 1.2 million followers @andreadever3. To accessorize like a fashion expert, follow @andverjewels or purchased on website Andver To view Cavier’s photos, paintings, and more find him on Instagram @cavierart and to view the full “Cavier Menu” visit his website


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