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On The Way Tour takes over BET Weekend Summer 2019

In effort to take the experience as a whole to the next level, Talent Tonight is headed to Los Angeles, California for its next stop on the tour. Taking place during the illustrious BET Weekend, Talent Tonight will be presenting a collection of talent spanning the country all of whom will be vying for exposure and new fan support.

Well respected in event coordination and touring Talent Tonight has established itself as a premiere hub for true talent and opportunity. From R&B performers to Hip Hop the Talent Tonight roster is stockpiled with must see entertainment.


"My hope is that Talent Tonight will continue to empower artists by giving them mainstream exposure. We have been blessed to generate a bulk of talent and now we see Los Angeles as the perfect setting to showcase the next edition of the On The Way Tour. We are excited to welcome BET Hustle In Brooklyn's own Santos as our special guest this time."

- AJ Avanno, Talent Tonight Co-Founder

Mama Lion (Los Angeles, CA) is the place to be on Tuesday June 18th 2019 to kick off BET Awards weekend with the Talent Tonight team.

For info:

AJ Avanno - (917) 673-1201



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