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Brand Spotlight - The Primacy Firm

A one stop shop for Artist Development, The Primacy Firm is an organization led by three strong men that form the heads of the squad: Hollywood Pompeii, Flow TV and Yoyo. The face of the brand,

Hollywood Pompeii has great wit and is a good communicator. His experience as an artist had garnered multiple deals with SONY and Universal respectively in the past. Motivated as he rebounded from his bouts with drug abuse, he emerged from his last stint in rehab knowing that he wanted to toss his hat into the ring of the entertainment industry. A conversation with FlowTV sparked an idea.

A videographer by craft, FlowTV is at the helm of FlowTelevision and is the gateway to the Primacy Group. The bait as some call him, the interest and appeal that comes with his quality videos often times leads to inquiry about other services that his team can provide.

Yo-Yo is a successful business owner with several businesses under his belt in addition to his role as CEO and CFO of The Primacy Firm (TPF). Yo-Yo is currently writing and releasing a book, his newest endeavor, entitled “Rock Bottom.”

“Through FlowTV we shoot videos for artists, which allows for promotion of TPF and its resourceful nature. Understanding the need for adequate, efficient promotion becomes an easy sell."


The Primacy Firm is a one stop shop; Artist Development, Digital Marketing and Consultations. A little over a year old, the collective recently celebrated its anniversary (January 15th) Reading, Pennsylvania. One of the biggest benchmarks for The Primacy Firm is the development and progress of “Ant G.” Currently signed to Lil Boosie, The Primacy Firm has been responsible for the coordination of his debut project as well as all marketing endeavors. Other previous clients include: Juriel Alexander, BG, Gullie Da Kid, Bill Collector, as well as Fred the Godson who is considered more than a client.

This past March, The Primacy Firm were the coordinators of a major show featuring Cassanova and Fred the Godson at the Reverb Night Club in Reading, PA. With their credentials and know-how the Primacy Firm has established themselves as the a go-to brand for artists seeking to take their career to the next level.

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