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By Overcoming life's greatest battles, Honey Dinero has arrived

Respected for her raw lyricism, Honey Dinero is one of the leading faces of NYC Hip Hop. A veteran MC Honey is lauded for her direct no holds barred approach to her craft never taking shorts as a woman in Hip Hop. Sensual when needed, Honey Dinero is at home on any beat flourishing on drums, baselines, 808s and chords. Her depiction of reality, coupled with womanhood, and bossy tactics is a much needed element in today’s game.

Born in the Bronx, Honey Dinero’s brand of music is influenced by her experiences that sought to conquer her sparkle but only did justice in strengthening her soul. Her burdens would soon morph into a uniquely cunning delivery that drew fans in tons. Her diction is rooter in passion, and art; her transitions impactful, her presence becoming of a queen.

Honey Dinero’s catalog includes collaboration with Grammy level producers from Omen who has worked with the likes of Beyonce and Ludacris, to Jimi Kendrick who has worked with none other than Jay Z and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. A 2x recipient of Urban Threshold Underground Music Awards Artist on-The- Rise and Best Female Rapper, Honey Dinero has remained steadfast her contributions to the culture eventually landing the I am Hip Hop Legend Awards.

Her mogul mind has led to the creation of a clothing and cosmetic line by the name of “Luxe 5” which features custom leather apparel and fur pieces.

My line has been featured in many photo shoots and worn by a number of fashionistas. All pieces are hand made by myself, something I love to share with the world.”

With her next move being the launch of a “Murder She Spoke” collection of red lipsticks, Honey Dinero is positioning herself to be a global brand. Summer 2019 will mark Honey’s “PinkHoney” sophomore follow up to her acclaimed Lipstick & Bullets release which was accompanied by the soundtrack to the movie which was dubbed Hip Hop’s version of “Mahogany.” Production included D-Block's own Vinny Idol, Canadian producers, Teck n Clips and Ghana native Three Kube Beats. “Pink Honey” will be her most personal to date. You can certainly expect her to share in depth details about her recent battles with breast cancer in a manner which will empower and inspire others who can relate.

“I feel as though my life has become a remarkable example of strength and resiliency for so many to hold on to. I never thought things would go this way but I am proud to say that it has. When you think of Honey Dinero I want you to think of strength, poise, and the heart to do what I want like a boss.


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