With "Fearless" on the way Migs718 elevates his promo grind

Another guest at the #JasonBourneExperience #MediaDay this young talent by the name of Migs718 is a 19 year old Staten Island native creating in the Hip Hop genre. Making an impact of late, Migs718 has been a healthy buzz with his phenomenal performances around the Big Apple. Thinking outside of the box, Migs718 has made his way down to Florida and over to Texas for the 2019 edition of SXSW where he performed at Hip Hop Mikes House Party Event in Austin. Diverse in sound, Migs718 can match any flow the beat dictates and has major publication features under his belt. With the forthcoming release of his next project, Fearless, Migs718 continues to push the envelope on his brand.

Check out some of his content below:




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