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Coveted By The Who's Who In Entertainment

Eddy Bogaert is an artist whose pieces are coveted by the who’s who of the art world. His work reveals a variety of contrasting aesthetics he describes as a “chaotic balance”. He uses mixed media and bright colors against dark canvases illustrating the layers and contradictions of humanity. known for their edgy style and crowd-drawing appeal, his pieces can be seen in traditional galleries like George Berges and New York hotspots including Marquee and Jia Lounge. Eddy's work has been a centerpiece at Art Basel Miami for several years. One year, he painted a Lamborghini driving Art Basel attendees’ curiosities to his events.

His art embodies the essence of the music industry and reflects pop culture. Eddy Bogaert has achieved international success with his Art Show at the Olympics in Rio Janeiro Brazil followed by art shows in Vienna, Paris, Ukraine and London. Most recently he was commissioned by Midtown Manhattan’s Bloomingdales to curate original art installations inside the luxurious department store and all their window displays.

Eddy has a long list of collectors including super model Andrea Denver and artists like Maxwell. Keith Shocklee of "The Bomb Squad" original producer of Public Enemy is also a fan of his work. For Eddy his art is not just a painting, but a reflection of a lifestyle. From black tie affairs to the hottest clubs and invite only parties, Eddy Bogaert holds the key that opens the door to a world of creativity. Follow @eddybogaert007


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