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Sky Soprano readies ""My Name Is My Name" release

A Brooklyn native and leader in the new wave of quality releases coming from the county of Kings, Sky Soprano is a dope mix of poet and Hip Hop artist. A creator, and voice for a demographic of individuals passionate about the reality of the struggle and their plan to make it out. Hands on in all facets of his branding, Sky Soprano is a few moments away from the release of his My Name Is My Name project which is highly anticipated and necessary for the new calendar year 2019. his 5th studio project, My Name is My Name is arguably his strongest offer yet for a brother who is calculated in everything that he does and confident in the impact he will have on not only the Big Apple but the climate of Hip Hop today.

"I am a father who has never hesitated in stepping forward to my responsibilities and my potential. I know what is meant for me."

His eclectic ear and range has him on the radar across many genres, but Hip Hop is his home.

"I am Puerto Rican. My love for music runs deep. From Hip Hop to soul to salsa. There is no genre I cannot relate to."

Lead by the lead single, Head Crack as well as the follow up No One the project is slated to be available February 1st. Follow @SkySoprano on all platforms.


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