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Staten Island and Hip Hop to the core Pop Da Brown Hornet

Known as Pop Da Brown Hornet or The Brown Bomber, this Staten Island native is a veteran of 25 years in Hip Hop as an independent as well as signed artist. During his 1990s stint with RCA Records, Pop released a group album titled GPWU as well as a solo project The Underground Emperor. For early 2019 The Brown Bomber has a body of work on the way titled Foreman Mandela as a follow up to his 2017 critically acclaimed The Emperor and The King alongside King Just. During his tenure collaborations with Skinned Assassin, Chauncey (Black Street), My GP the Grain Family as well as Shyheim and more are highlights on his resume.

"My ultimate goal is to leave a catalog of great music for people to listen to for years to come. I want to be known as an MC from State Island who made music for the world to enjoy."

From demo tapes to hand to hand on the street, Pop started his journey into music in the era of self-sufficiency and of course bars. No gimmicks, no allure just 2 turntables a mic and a beat. A pioneering figure on the Staten Island landscape his contributions pre-date many others.

"I took baby steps to get where I am at today. This is all a product of belief and determination. No hand outs were given. The struggle is what helped create and mold the man that I am today for the better."


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