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With Every Move Made C Class Reminds All To Keep Their L's Up

A man of many talents, C Class is a contributing figure to the Hip Hop culture and entertainment industry as a whole. A native of Brownsville, C Class burst on the scene as a promising artist toting the release of his Kingpin of the Inkpen series. Volume 2, hosted by Sirius XM's own DJ Superstar Jay became a benchmark of his ascension through the ranks of underground artists throughout the city. With features, the likes of Gillie Da Kid, Dark Lo, Tone Trump, Fred the Godson, and Robbie Nova C Class maneuvered himself and his brand into the mentions as a formidable independent entity.

Over the years as C Class has continued to evolve he has transitioned his writing skills into that of the screen and short film compositions. His first creation was a holiday release titled "Let’s Go: Christmas part 1 & 2. His biggest splash has been the launch of his original series, "Let’s Go: A New Vintage Story" which to date has garnered over 6 million views and a wealth of critical acclaim as one of the leading web series in the city. Depicting the lives of a group from Tilden Houses who finds comfort from life issues in fashion and crime as they battle growing up in Brownsville, Lets Go has become the perfect springboard for all parties and creators involved.

"Let’s Go is an action-packed high paced dramedy entrenched in vintage NYC fashion. From the lifestyle of boosting to fast cars and fly girls the movies deliver a multitude of messages about the harsh realities we live in in the inner city."

- C Class

Challenging himself to be legendary, C-class is at the helm of the writing process which entails scripting 35 characters, as well as production tasks in editing and directing. This past summer C-class won the award for Best Actor in a leading role at the 2018 Urban Web Series Awards.

Incorporating his passion for music, a soundtrack was released titled Lets Go Vol 1 hosted by DJ I.O.U. with production by Cousin Vinny. Featured artists include castmates and the reception of the project to date has led to 15k streams and 380K views.

With those credentials, C Class has continued to push forward launching “LG4L” clothing which specializes in apparel manufacturing. Under the umbrella is other entities like “FCC”, “50 ft 50 ft right, “300 gangs”, “Muhammad" and She a Baddie.” In August of 2018 C-class was selected to participate in Metro Wealth Films/Regal Cinemas Trailer Festival in Los Angeles California during B.E.T Experience Weekend where he was able to have his trailer show in theatres with other industry filmmakers. To say that he and his Mama Shirley Productions brand has come a long way is an understatement.


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