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Speaking in the language of Art: Alana Ninerell


A20-year-old American contemporary-abstract painter, Alana Ninerell has been creative since a child. Her recollection of her mom's purchase of a toddler stool and desk is the starting point for an understanding of her passion for creativity. In the beginning, there was sketch art and drawings, as of recent quality paintings that are widely revered.

"I got into painting about 2 or 3 years ago and my love for it continues to grow. My paintings have certainly improved over the years. I consider my art to be constantly evolving."

- Alana Ninerell

Therapeutic for her consumers, even more so for herself, Alana is candid about her reliance on art as a coping mechanism for her extreme ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) diagnosis.

"Art is my reprieve. My mind is constantly jumping from one place to another. In certain environments, my ADD can be difficult for myself to deal with. Art is the outlet."

-Alana Ninerell

As qualifying as her work is, one thing that takes people back is her admittance that the majority of her work is created on a whim. Started with a gathering of colors on a palette, and voila.

"Colors are extremely important in my work, it is what sets the whole ‘tone’ of the painting. I will gather my colors on my palette, and go from there."

-Alana Ninerell

Her love for abstract as well as contemporary art is unwavering. Her ability to understand what many cannot fuels her genius. Incorporating color schemes in a range from dark to light concepts. Alana creates in both niches.

"The diversity between the color choices gets others to truly reflect on their feelings. If not, the person looking at the piece of art may try to understand how the artist was feeling during the completion process. Shapes and patterns lye everywhere we look (nature or man-made). Patterns, shapes, and colors are indeed a plateau, or starting point, of something that can potentially be a work of art."

-Alana Ninerell

With her goal of improving with each piece, Alana has become a slight perfectionist who pushes herself. Looking to own her own gallery one day she continues to submit to museums and galleries and whipping up a documentary based on her beloved supporters. Follow and check out highlights of her recent exhibitions at the Philly Art Collective Pop Up Show this past March and most recently this month.


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