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It appears that Drake & Chris Brown have squashed their beef What Caused the truce?

After years of feuding it appears that Drake and Chris Brown have decided to turn the other cheek and make peace. This all started when Drake brought Chris Brown out during his performance in la this weekend at the staples center to a surprised and pumped crowd. The feud between these two talented artists began in 2012 when both were at Club WIP in NYC and a melee/ bottle throwing brawl ensued after Brown sent a bottle of ace of spades to Drake who then sent it back with an incendiary note stating that he is still "******* Rihanna" both artists were linked with the Bajan bombshell and after receiving the message it turned to war as bottles were thrown and brown left the club injured with a chunk of flesh peeling off his chin.

After that, both artists sent verbal shots to each other and never saw eye to eye until this weekend where both came to a mutual understanding. The reasoning behind the truce according to sources close to Drake states that "He (Drake) is so down with cutting unnecessary drama out of his life and moving forward" With drakes album scorpion topping many charts and his kind gestures in "Gods Plan" Music video it seems as if the rapper has reached a spiritual zen and many music aficionados will love to see these two talents collaborate.


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