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Power Season 5 Finale leaves viewers on Edge


The season finale of the popular Starz series power was breathtaking, to say the least as viewers saw Angela Valdez take a bullet in the chest right in front of her childhood sweetheart James St.Patrick(Ghost) and left many wondering if she would make it or not.

This season really followed the words of show creator Courtney Kemp agboh as she said "No one is safe" and that was typified as viewers saw the demise of Kanan an unstable thug played by executive producer 50 cents as he went the only way he knew how resisting police and eventually dying in a shootout.

One question lingering through all viewers currently is whether or not Angela is dead because the condition she looked in before the show was overlooked really bad. Over the years many viewers feel a connection to the characters and I attribute it to the immaculate acting and also the great storyline which immerses you into the world of power. With season 6 scheduled to premiere next summer many of us fans will have to wait until then to see what happens to Angela and the rest of the cast.


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