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Meet the brothers behind "Food Adventures" series


A traveling adventure premised on food reviews, tips, and challenges aimed at spotlighting small black-owned businesses and the entrepreneurs who fuel these entities. Food Adventures w/ Haz & L is an experience and an opportunity to support, patronize and high light others all the while expanding the efforts of these philanthropists who have donated countless resources to the homeless and underserved. As volunteers, they have sponsored as well as participated in back to school drives donating book bags, supplies, and other essentials.

"Food Adventures is fairly new inactivity but seasoned in theory. We have been discussing food with other for years as true foodies."

- Hassan Fuller

Natives of the East New York and Brownsville sections of Brooklyn, New York Haz, and L Jay respectively are working on touring internationally and gathering new audiences, subscribers. A duo of a college educated (L Jay) and 20 year veteran of military service (Haz) neither are rookies or ignorant of the diverse opportunities the world over. Coming together they have experienced highlights of an 8-pound burger @ Lucky's Burger & Brew, a 50-pound pizza with 54 X 54 dimensions and the Big Mama & Papas Pizza challenge in Northridge, CA.

"Our ultimate goal is to devote our professional careers to our passion for food and pursuit of extraordinary meal inclusions. Making a living would be the icing on the cake."

- L Jay

A unique experience from several viewpoints, pitting a millennial and middle-aged individual in a dynamic duo over common interests - Food.

"L-Jay was already doing a personal vlog and whenever we were together, people would always talk about how good our chemistry and sense of humor were good numerous people said we should venture into something together. After some thought, we thought about music but the market is kind of oversaturated plus L-Jay already has a music vlog he runs (in the mix podcast). The other passion we both share is food. We talked things through and came up with the concept for our show."



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