Popular DC Rapper Big Don Bino announces Roc Nation deal

James Todd AKA Big Don Bino has been making a lot of power moves lately enjoying the benefits of one of the quickest growing visuals on the independent circuit. His 10 Band Brick viral hit has amassed 1.2 million views to date, with the help of World Star Hip Hop and has led to his management Everett Davis of OTD Entertainment leveraging a distribution agreement with Roc Nation.

Lauded for his confidence and dedication to his craft, his music is infectious and easily drawn to as he pushes the envelope with his content. With personal lyrics aimed at delivering his truth, Don Bino has carved out a nice niche for himself in today's hip-hop. While prepping the release of his Incarcerated project, Bino continues at his diligent efforts to rise up the ranks. Check out 10 Band Brick below:

Incarcerated coming soon!

Incarcerated coming soon!

Incarcerated coming soon!


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