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Lavish Life Magazine Recap Hello Brooklyn fest 3 @SOBs in Nyc 2018


Jason Bourne hosts Brooklyn Concrete Management X Live Wire Empire presents: Hello Brooklyn Music Fest 3 {Shot by Lavish Life Magazine} This was one fabulous night. there was a lot of Phenomenal acts that grace the stage that night.

Overall The event was pack with a most gracious crowd filled with livelihood throughout the night. Just to name a couple of Performers who Rip the stage like Mikey Z, Kayla Shea, and the winner of the Road to SOBs SouthSide Yoko just to name a few.

Oh Did we not forget the host Mr. JB himself the MC, the Mr."how can I move the crowd" No other than "Jason Bourne" Scoring the winning touch down when he is on that stage Hosting He is Our LeBron James of this whole Media thing. Nice job!! Lavish Life Magazine Just would like to give the people that made this Extraordinary event happen a Shout for a five stars event. Brooklyn Concrete Management, Vycci Secrets, Excell Livewire and Live Wire Empire. Please like and Subscribe to our Channel.


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