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A grand pursuit of music Jae Alexander

A 24-year-old performer in the rhythm & blues genre, Jae Alexander is a DMV are representative with a healthy catalog of music releases and spectacular performances. His 2016 release All Out of Apologies was the precursor for 2017 follow up Anticipation which landed on Apple Music Top 200 R&B chart at #120. An accolade which will surely be followed with a wealth of accomplishments.

Born in Tacoma, Washington the son of Billy Ellis a 21-year governmental veteran. Just before high school, his family relocated from Alexandria, Virginia to the heart of the nation's capital. After high school, Jae Alexander would follow in his father’s governmental footsteps, as he enlisted in the Air force service 4 years. During his time of service, he would reign atop the Air Force's premier showcasing platform Tops In Blue.

In October 2015, he resigned from service in favor of pursuing his true passion - music. Jae has continued on into 2018 performing masterfully and delivering quality music to his core fans and supporters. Check out the official visual for his latest work, Tell Me.


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