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Pusha T Disses on Drake could land him in court


The feud between Drake and Pusha t could take a legal turn as the two rappers have been taking shots at each other the past few weeks leading to a lyrical feud. Pusha T diss track “The story of Adidon” which states that Drake is an absentee father to his supposed child and also a picture of the 6 god in blackface which got heavy responses from the media and in a sense dropped drakes stock.

Now according to legal analyst drake can take legal action for “Defamation” and lyrical slander due to the nature of the story of adidon and how the blackface image deals with race which is a very touchy topic in this country. Furthermore, Drake has stated that the image was taken to highlight racism in the t.v and the film industry. It appears that Pusha t has won this round but will drake respond lyrically or legally?

By: Adam Adamu

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