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Drake Sends invoice to Kanye west and pusha T, Sparks feud


Pusha T released his highly anticipated album “Daytona” To the delight of many hip-hop aficionados who have followed the artist since his 2002 breakthrough track “Grindin” which catapulted the artist to success. Nowadays his career has taken a step back but he keeps himself relevant as his track Infrared off the new album appears to take shots at current rap superstar Drake.

Drake responded quickly and profoundly as he posted a picture on his Instagram showing an invoice for 100,000 dollars to Kanye West and Pusha t demanding that he be paid for Drake Sends invoice to Kanye west and pusha T, Sparks feud “Promotional assistance and career-reviving. This is a very interesting feud since both camps are familiar with each other and have worked together in the past but it appears now that this rivalry has gotten personal as Pusha t released “The story of Adidon” which is a lyrical crucifixion of drake and highlighting his supposed child with a porn star that Drake has denied.

This beef is getting real spicy and has the potential to be the summer 2018 battle for hip-hop supremacy and we all will see how it plays out.

By:Adam Adamu

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