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Meek Mill Legal Troubles Spark Movement


Throughout meek mills rap career, there have been quite a few run-ins with the law. Some cases dating as far back as 2008 but in the current state of the law system, it seems as if one mistake can land you back in the slammer and that’s what happened with meek mill born Rahmeek Williams. Before meek mill became a household name he was an up and coming rapper from the gritty streets of South Philly but he overcame many obstacles to reach where he is at today, but one obstacle continues to be a roadblock and that is his track record with law enforcement, most notably in 2006 when 18 years old meek was arrested for carrying a firearm and allegedly beating up the police.

He was given probation for that offense but did not serve any jail time. Ultimately this event came back to bite him in the rear when he was arrested in March 2017 for assaulting two pedestrians and was given a two to four-year sentence. I believe that if you do the crime then you must serve the time but why should parole be used as somewhat of a stranglehold on one’s personal life. There are criminals who deserve to be locked up and there are those who made mistakes and are trying to make amends for them. Yeah, meek mills music may not be the cleanest or holy but it is the platform he uses to support himself and his community.

Meeks arrest leads to many people from the music industry and all over to show solidarity for his unjust arrest and to probe into the parole system. Jay- z was amongst those at the forefront as he even paid meek mills lawyer fees and constantly serenaded society with the #Freemeek movement that ultimately led to meek mill being bailed out of prison on April 24, 2018. This was a great day as now a voice and a movement have conjoined to make a change in the law enforcement system. Meek is due back in court in June but with the backing and support that he has, I believe he will be able to overcome this obstacle once and for all.

Written By Adam Adamu

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