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Week Of Kanye West


It has been quite an interesting week from the self-proclaimed “God” Kanye West. From having an OG gang member from the crips threatening him to receiving backlash from the black community for his “slavery was a choice statement” on TMZ. One Thing has been a constant though, Kanye has always stirred controversy and rubbed some people the wrong way. There have been many world-renowned brands that want to disassociate themselves from him due to his raw and uncandid nature but one must at least say the man is speaking about what is on his mind and we live in a society where that is a right. However, with his platform reaching millions there is a sense of responsibility that one must adhere to. I know many conservative people hold onto the notion that you must be “politically correct” but there is a gray area as one should speak their mind and deal with the criticisms there after. I do not agree with all of Kanye statements but as a fan, I have seen a change in his demeanor over the years and I believe it is him adapting to a new status or class but one must not forget where they come from and the communities that helped build them up.

Written By Adam Adamu

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