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Tekashi69 Latest News


Tekashi69 has been in the news more often than not over the past couple of weeks as he released his debut mixtape Day69 which received rave reviews, but he is also in the spotlight due to his recent beef with many hip-hop artists.

This has led to many gang members banning him from showing up in their city and preforming. Besides a scuffle outside of LAX airport, Tekashi69 has not been in real danger as he continues to travel and go to these places without “checking in” A gang term that stands for one to pay homage to the OGs in that particular location. Most recently Tekashi69 went on the breakfast club radio show to dispel rumors and also talk about his current issues in the industry which over the past 6 days has received over 7 million views and counting and is on pace to be the most viewed segment in the history of the Breakfast Club.

Tekashi69 is definitely a controversial figure but he shows that he is there to support communities as he went to The Dominican Republic and handed out money to the impoverished people he encountered. “I grew up in Brooklyn and didn’t have nothing” Said the rapper “It makes you appreciate what you have when you see what people are going through out here” It was a kind gesture for the rapper who seems to be in the news for all the wrong reasons but as they say all publicity is good publicity.


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