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Is Hip-Hop Dead As We Know It?


Over the past decade hip hop has taken a monumental plunge. Not only are record sales declining but the overall quality of hip hop is in a state of emergency. Even though I mostly began listening to hip hop in the late 90s and early 2000s, I noticed there was a lot of creativity. I recall Busta Rhymes "Put your hands where my eyes could see" Where he portrays Prince Akeem of Coming to America in a comedic aspect. I also remember Nas when he dropped "Hate me Now" with the captivating images and all the flashing lights.

That was when I feel artists were more in tune with their music and were not influenced by management of other influences. As time went on I noticed that hip-hop became more bland, most notably what you hear on the radio today. At times I envy older generations because they grew up in the "Golden Era" of hip hop where the music had a message, from female empowering artists like MC Lyte and Queen Latifah to revolutionary groups such as Public Enemy. There were even crews like N.W.A who's track "Fuck The Police" was deemed unacceptable to the general public but basically gave an inside look at police brutality through music. Through the early to mid 90s, hip hop was still in its prime with artists such as Tupac Shakur coming to prominence. His deep music and also social awareness gave people of different backgrounds hope for a better society.

Also the late Christopher Wallace aka Biggie Smalls came to the forefront with his laid-back flow and story telling ability. Both rappers were at their peak until both were fatally gunned down in drive by shootings. There murders are unsolved to this day. With that occurring, hip-hop hit a transitioning period known as "Ghetto Fabulous" were artists mostly rapped about material attire and money. That is where hip hop began to tumble, less creativity equals a subsidized product. The whole issue now is when will artists take hip hop back to the "Golden Age" and let there lyrical ability take over.


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