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Jay Z drops $11K on Playroom Lounge tab

While many of the celebrities graced the events of NBA All-Star Weekend, Jay Z and his Roc Nation cohorts were hitting the Big Apple to celebrate Juan "OG" Perez's Bday. Starting out at Zuma, they had a good meal before they headed to Made In Mexico to take shots of D’Ussé to the tune of $9,000.

The night got interesting as the party headed over to Playroom NYC where Jay Z reminded the establishment who was who and what was what - buying 40 bottles of Ace Of Spade to spread love the Brooklyn way to other club goers. A modest tab of $80,000 was returned to the icon who then dropped an $11,000 tip bringing the total to $91,135 A server at Playroom posted Hova's final tab on Snapchat as confirmation.





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